Does your business offer home-based franchise opportunities?

If so, you may just have the answer to many parent’s franchising prayers.

With working from home becoming the norm over the past year, parents have been given the opportunity to work flexibly and manage their time around their family. This is something that the world of work often fails to consider in ‘normal’ times.

It is for this reason that individuals are looking for alternatives to employment, options that offer them independence and control of their working day. This is where the prospect of owning a franchise has become very attractive to parents…

A Better Work / Life Balance

As a parent, you are constantly balancing the needs of your family with the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. In the world of employment there are few options that really appreciate and understand the balance parents face, and the strain it can put on a family unit. It is for this reason that the concept of buying a franchise has become an enticing option.

If your franchise system can thrive on a work-from-home basis, then you will undoubtedly pick up interest from parents looking for an attainable challenge. This not only benefits your franchisees but also you as a franchisor, as 53% of British workers have stated that their productivity would increase if they worked from home.

The Perks of Flexible Working

As a franchisor, you set the terms and conditions. You’ll inform potential franchisees of what you expect from them and their franchise unit. From here, the franchisee can then manage their week accordingly.

The freedom to balance work commitments with important landmarks is invaluable to most parents, and this is a very attractive perk to owning a franchise. Flexibility is a key motivation for individuals with children to start their own franchise, so if this is something you and your business can offer, you’ll definitely pick up interest!

Faith In The Franchise Model

A factor that undoubtedly draws people to franchise opportunities is the proven success that has come from their business model. As a parent, you have to provide for your family, and you want an opportunity that involves little risk but a big payoff.

This is where you become so appealing as a franchisor! You provide training and support, and the toolkit for success. The risks that come with self-starting businesses are essentially eliminated, as you’ve trialed the process and turned it into a success yourself. Offering a low-risk, high-impact option to stay-at-home parents is a massive selling point for you and your business.

Becoming Their Own Boss

As a parent you’re the boss around the house, but when it comes to the workplace individuals are often placed under tremendous pressure. As a franchisor, you can offer home-based parents independence and control of their working life.

They have you for support, but they are ultimately responsible for their franchise unit and its success. Many parents enjoy the role of being their own boss, as they can work around family commitments and find a pace that suits them and their daily life.

Community Support And Guidance

A huge benefit that you can offer parents as a franchisor, is a sense of community and support, two things that they wouldn’t necessarily have if they started a business on their own. The sense of community that comes with your team of franchisees is a fantastic source of support to newbies that will remain with them throughout their franchise journey with you.

For a parent that is new to franchising, this is a fabulous form of help and is an attractive prospect to joining a franchise. Hearing the voices of others that have followed your franchise model and found success is a great drawing point for parents to start a franchise with you!

To conclude…

If you have a franchise model that can be put into practice from home, the past year will have no doubt opened people’s eyes to what you can offer on a more permanent basis as an alternative to employment.

The opportunity for parents to work flexibly and around significant milestones within their children’s lives is a huge perk. Not only this, but if your franchise can provide a work from home option to franchisees, you’re enabling parents to feel empowered, and strive to make significant profits to benefit their family’s lives.

Providing you clearly set out the goals and expectations from your franchisees, they can manage their time, involve their family where appropriate, and thrive with you and your business.

This blog post was written by Mercury Franchise School. You can visit their website here.