Let me ask you a direct question. Would you set off on a journey to a place that you were not familiar with, say 200 miles away, and to which you had not travelled before, without either looking at a map or clicking into satnav? The answer is – very unlikely, as if you were to do so you would end up lost and confused. 

It’s no different when buying a franchise – in both situations you need guidance, direction and a clear route forward to making the right decisions to arrive at your destination relaxed, comfortable and ready to enjoy the purpose of the visit. 

So as a potential franchisee you already know that the website FranchiseShow247 provides you with a range of concepts to consider and engage with, but, having discovered the choice there and most probably in other places, you should aim to have a distinct plan to approach this major investment and acquisition in a sensible and logical fashion. 

Here is a process that will enable you to ask the right questions to distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly of franchising. 
1. Learn how to become a successful franchisee by sitting into the great self-help course prepared by the British Franchise Association in conjunction with Lloyds Bank – details of which you can see at: https://bfa.trainme.tv/ 
2. Before doing this you may wish to consider whether you are suitable for franchising – to do so take a look at: https://www.ashtonsfranchise.com/buy-a-franchise/are-you-suitable-for-franchising/. 
3. Establish some criteria as to owning a franchise operation – see: https://www.ashtonsfranchise.com/buy-a-franchise/franchisee-criteria/
4. Use this check list of points to consider when researching your franchise opportunity choices:  https://www.ashtonsfranchise.com/buy-a-franchise/check-before-cheque/
Finally, it might be an idea for you to just consider involving a third party to help you make the best choices.

This post was contributed to FranchiseShow247 by Ashtons Franchise Consulting. They are an exhibitor on the FranchiseShow247 Franchise Advice & Support floor and you can visit their exhibition stand here.