A company’s digital presence can be described as how easy and simple it is to find the company with searching keywords online i.e., via your website, your social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) listings in business directories and other virtual platforms. Digital presence can also include content, website, social media accounts but also reviews too.

Having a digital presence builds trust and makes customers come back to your business along with providing recommendations. With technology never far away these days, it’s easy for potential customers or returning customers to look up companies online to see what their presence is and what content is being shared. Consistent digital presence is key to obtaining visitors and attracting new. The value of having a digital presence as mentioned makes it easier for customers to easily find you online.

Developing a digital presence is the first step for a company along with creating a plan on how to keep your digital presence consistent resulting in what you get out of it in the end. Building an email list is a great way of determining an online presence but also an effective way of reaching out to customers in a regular way. Take some time to master SEO, either hire a professional to assist you or take some online courses, this time is well spent and will add value to your presence online. Being consistently active online will stop your company’s presence from being dominant and boring, it allows customers to see your content actively and to provide a digital footprint in the customers head. Evaluating your outcome needs to be done regularly such as once a month to see what is working and what is not working so that changes can occur. Trends on social media are constantly changing so keeping up to date with these trends will help with your marketing campaigns and to capture attention of your audience.

Points to consider on how to evaluate digital presence:

• Analyzing social media accounts

• Reviewing content Website search engine visibility

• Reputation

• Considering keywords

Spending time on a digital presence is valuable and essential to developing the company’s growth, so making sure you establish a good foundation for your company and organization is time well spent. Planning your content, deciding what social media accounts and platforms to use and then making sure you are having consistency in your digital footprint. What you put into your digital presence determines what you get out of it.

This article was written by Katie Bateman of FranchiseShow247 and was first published in Pillars of Franchising Magazine here