Social media changed and grew immensely in 2020, as this was our only window to the world. Now we are in 2021, there is a more positive outlook and it looks like social media will be growing across the business sector even more.  

Here are 5 top tips on how to utilise social media to benefit your new business:


Looking at your audience is key by differentiating your target groups out either by age, location, gender etc. Core customers are likely to be from Facebook or twitter, however this can depend on users age as this could now move into Tik Tok, therefore depending on area of business it’s worth investigating which social media accounts are best for your audience. 


Research competitors to see how they are using social media and what content they are using and if it works on creating awareness and traction. Look for inspiration on posts, articles and what make people follow their pages and what influences them. 


Think about how you want to come across on your social media channels- the language, content, visually that also reflects your company objectives and how the team works within the company. The appearance needs to be consistent from emails, to mailings to social media to build a rapport up. Interaction is a key element on social media channels to provide a brand with a persona. Interesting articles, posts and knowledge is a great strong asset on providing information via social media. Try to think outside the box as your social media channels are not just a shop front to your customers or potential customers, social media allows you to expand, inspire and drive awareness of what you do. Building passion and forming stories allows to engage with customers on a personal level. 


Being organised and planning your posts is vital in providing constancies across your social media accounts and allows you to focus on key dates, business dates, and providing regularly posts with informative inspiring information, rather than leaving periods of time without any activity.


Engaging in conversations on social media, don’t just post out there, make sure you comment, start conversations, join in on conversations, express views on people’s posts. Try to encourage people to follow your pages and make comments and the key accounts to use for this are Instagram or twitter. It is also important to always respond to posts and direct messages. How do you stand out from the crowd on social media? Well… there are several methods which are all simple to execute. Consistency is a must. Planning is vital, features and being effective with your language and content helps you make a presence and drive awareness. Regularly checking in with your competitors to see what their activities are on their social media accounts; this can provide you with ideas and grasp areas that may not have been thought of yet. Look at advertising, this can be  expense starting out and on your journey through your social media channels but looking at what you are trying to achieve and getting professional help that can impose your ideas or generate others. Research is vital on spending money on advertising and making sure you have the right company and they understand your needs.  

Advertising provides different options and avenues that need to be looked at too, to allow you to focus on elements to your advertising campaigns, so for example are you looking to work on advertising that helps with purchasing or are you looking at creating more awareness? Looking at different campaigns can be overwhelming as well as costly and therefore speaking to professionals for help and options is vital, so do your research.  

This Blog post was written by Katie Bateman from FranchiseShow247. Read more community insights over on our blog.