Coffee Chat in 15 – Eco Mist Biotechnics Ltd

Katie Bateman in conversation with Graham Mylchreest, Managing Director at Eco Mist Biotechnics Ltd. They discuss their franchise model and how it differs from the traditional franchise model. Katie asks why they opted for a distribution opportunity franchise instead of this traditional model that most franchises use. They look at the pro’s and con’s with both.


“At Eco-Mist Biotechnics, we have carefully researched and developed a range of exclusive, but highly effective healthcare and hygiene products that are specifically aimed at the eradication of some of the most dangerous pathogens known to man – without using toxic chemicals or hazardous substances.

“The challenge has always been to achieve the best possible ‘kill rate’ with the minimum effect to humans, animals and the environment. And we were well aware that many of the nastiest bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores are often found in the most inaccessible places, like ducts, air-conditioning systems and behind furniture. So, we knew we also needed a delivery system that would enable us to reach those areas that traditional cleaning cannot.

“That’s when we developed our InfectionGard® range of sanitisers and dry misting systems, which deliver a non-toxic, ultra-fine mist, which sanitises the air and surfaces in any room or vehicle. What’s more, we made our equipment so simple to operate that they can safely be installed and set up in almost any environment and operated by the end user, with no need for specialist training or protective clothing.”

Eco Mist Biotechnics Ltd are community members of the FranchiseShow247 platform. You can find them on the floor of the exhibition. If you want to find out more about Eco Mist Biotechnics Ltd and what they do, take a look at their virtual space here.

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