Coffee Chat in 15 – Veeno Bars

Katie Bateman in conversation with Rodrigue Troulliet, Owner & Director of Veeno Bars, to find out more about the Veeno and how Rodrigue got into franchising. We learn how Veeno Bars had to stop and ask, when is the right time to franchise? Getting to the right place in the business and having the stability and financial security before making the decision to create a franchise model. They discuss how they found the right time to franchise and how the journey has been for them so far.

Veeno is the Gateway to Italian Lifestyle as a UK-based wine bar business. When you think of great wines and authentic Spuntini, platters of meats, cheeses and Italian appetisers from selected Italian Producers, you have entered the world of Veeno, inspired by quality & tradition.

We offer an extensive array of genuine Italian wine choices as well as the ones made from the finest family vineyard of our founders Caruso & Minini in Sicily, Italy. In addition, menu offerings cover traditional spuntini, panini and salads, cured meats, cheeses, pizza, desserts, cocktails and beers. We also offer an innovative premium wine tasting experience.

Veeno Bars are community members of the FranchiseShow247 platform. You can find them on the  floor of the exhibition. If you want to find out more about Veeno Bars and what they do, take a look at their virtual space here.

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