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Louise Miles in conversation with Katie Bateman, Head of Community Engagement at FranchiseShow247. They discuss the community platform and all it’s features.

So what is FranchiseShow247 all about?

According to the British Franchise Association, the number of franchises in the UK marketplace currently sits at over 48,000, an increase of 10% from 2015. This figure is driven by over 1,000 different types of franchisors, ranging from coffee companies to cleaning services.

If you’re a franchisor, how can you make yourself known in this crowded arena? The current marketing opportunities can often be expensive, potentially restricting the amount of exposure you can get and therefore the amount of interest in your franchise. The cost of attending traditional exhibitions to attract new franchisees, including potential prospects who are just exploring opportunities, is prohibitive, and often, those with the financial backing to be able to afford a larger presence at an exhibition are the ones that gain the most attention while the smaller companies have a much harder time presenting their offerings.

The physical exhibition may not be completely dead just yet, but the virtual world is changing fast and becoming a serious rival. It is user-friendly, flexible, more easily accessible and less stressful – and cost-effective.

We think we’ve found the solution, a one-stop exhibition space where franchisors and potential franchisees can discover everything they need to make an informed decision about the direction they want to take their business in. We’ve created a unique exhibition hall for franchisors to showcase their businesses, as well as a space for blogs and seminars on everything from getting finance for your franchise, getting your small business registered and how to market it to potential customers. In addition, if you’re in the market for a new franchise opportunity, you can keep track of different options available to you, and a place where can you find impartial advice about logistics, finance and more.

FranchiseShow247 is an online community that showcases franchising advice, support and opportunities. A community where there are no restrictive financial barriers to exhibiting. A place where all companies have equal status and a place that is accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Advantages for taking the virtual route with FranchiseShow247:

  • Maintain exposure and brand awareness;
  • A less complicated and less stressful way to get your message across;
  • Easier to display important content and information (using documents, diagrams and images);
  • A more flexible way to amend content as business, products and methods evolve;
  • Less costly, and much of the time completely free;
  • Available to a global network, 24-7;
  • A superb community platform for exhibitors to update blogs and company data;
  • A seminar friendly;
  • More environmentally friendly, as attendees no longer have to use trains, planes or cars just to show a face.

FranchiseShow247 features the latest insight and information in the industry. From seminars, to talks, interviews and blog posts, FranchiseShow247 is a one-stop site for all things in the franchise industry.

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