March has been the month to reflect on, following the one-year anniversary since the UK was placed into lockdown, due to COVID19.  

Contemplating on the year we have all experienced, there has been challenges and learning on the journey. This has impacted on both personal, and business aspects. We are now coming out the other end and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, where we can go back to a normal life. But has the challenges taught us to view things differently? Has COVID19 taught us about different lifestyle choices? Has the pandemic opened people’s eyes to see the opportunities out there on the horizon? 

Will working from office be back to the way we used to work? Will training session be able to get back to a classroom environment, or will virtual working and training be the normal going forward? Many aspects of the franchise industry will change, and others will start coming back.  

It is important to point out that the franchising industry thrives in difficult financial times. This is due to many people facing unemployment and redundancy, therefore looking for other working opportunities, along with lifestyle choices that people have now re-evaluated. Franchising provides the opportunity to work for yourself, with a business model that works, and is proven to succeed.  

Certain sectors of the franchising industry have excelled, home renovations, care, commercial cleaning and tutoring, to name a few, during the recent year. So, if you are passionate about these areas, and would like to be your own boss, then it’s worth researching the possibilities.  

The franchise industry is set to continue to grow over the next years, proving it is a viable option for people wanting to make changes. 

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