The family run Ovenu business has been established since 1994 and provides the optimum domestic oven cleaning and valeting service throughout the UK and Australia. The franchisees provide a premium quality service that is in great demand and has been tried, tested and trusted by over 200 franchisees and thousands of home-owners over the years.

“Cleanest & Greenest”

The Ovenu business is run and operated by genuine specialists. They are the best at everything they do and concentrate 100% in and on their local businesses.  The franchisees provide a premium quality service that is the most eco-friendly available to consumers as it is entirely caustic-soda free.

Ovenu own the formulae for their unique cleaning products and GUARANTEE them to be the safest out there. In addition, franchisees are trained to adhere to all of the local environmental policies regarding waste disposal. They are also well versed in all of the up-to-date Health & Safety laws and guidelines.

Highly Rated

Ovenu is rated 5 star on the Trustist review platform and has an enviable 40,000+ reviews and testimonials. They are also rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with an outstanding 4.8 rating.

The Oven Cleaning Business 

Since pioneering the concept of eco-friendly oven valeting as opposed to a more basic oven cleaning service, there have been numerous oven cleaning businesses popping up throughout the UK offering all levels of inferior quality, service and value and at numerous price points! The ‘Ovenu’ ethos of never competing on price nor wavering away from offering only the highest standards and pricing policy has proven to have stood the test of time with the ultimate aplomb. Many, perhaps thousands of clients agree, as a popular comment within the 5 star reviews state “well worth the money”!

All Walks of Life

As can be viewed in the video clips in the ‘Videos’ tab, Ovenu franchisees come from many different walks of life but each and every one share the common trait of wanting to deliver only the very best of everything to clients in their local area. And having left their employed roles, they are now fully self-employed people running their own successful oven cleaning businesses up and down the UK with the help and support of a dedicated team behind them.

The Ovenu Franchise – Two Distinct Parts

The Ovenu franchise is made up from two different parts – both inextricably linked.

  • Franchisees undertake the truly unique, industry finest, oven valeting training to learn the basics of producing and providing the premium end product that the Ovenu brand has become synonymous with over the past 3 decades.
  • The second (and arguably the more important part) is learning from the ultimate industry experts, how to run an extremely profitable oven valeting business.

All of the Ovenu franchise training is delivered and documented to an ISO standard so it doesn’t get any better than that!

Investment & Returns

The Ovenu franchise offers the best value opportunity to run and operate a specialist, local oven cleaning business. A business that is based on such high quality is it actually an oven valeting service. The difference being similar to putting a car through a £3.00 car wash compared to having a professional valet costing upwards of £50.00. As Ovenu explain to their clients “we clean the unseen”!

The basic Start Up cost is £12,400 plus VAT but there are options to get involved from as little as £7,400 plus VAT. Contact Ovenu for more details about start-up costs. The quickest way to do this is call 01189 743911. Or email

On-going Management Fees are fixed as is the National Marketing contribution.

The return on investment is unbelievably rapid! Using the tried & tested routes to success that Ovenu provide, it is common for franchisees to be generating weekly turnover in excess of £1,200 a week within a couple of months from starting up.

And with every household in the UK being a potential client, the earning opportunity is immense. So much so that an ever increasing number of Ovenu franchisees now turn over a very healthy six figure sum!

All-in-all, a genuine low investment – high return business opportunity.

Why not get in touch today? Call 01189 743911 for a brochure.

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