The Ideal Alternative to Car Leasing or Finance

 The Lemon Squeezy Car Club – It’s Easy Peasy

A golden rule of business and in particular franchising is to invest in a growing sector that’s not just a fad! The rapid growth of subscription based businesses is plain to see. In the Automotive sector major manufacturers like Volvo & Porsche are already leading the way to change. There has never been a better time to get involved in the domestic car subscription market… The Lemon Squeezy Car Club makes it Easy Peasy to drive a car paid for by monthly subscriptions without the need for credit checks, scores or complicated and expensive lease or finance agreements.

Are you looking to…

* Control of your future?

* Maximise your earning potential?

* To own and develop a profitable business that is easy to run, part or full time, from home with no premises required. 

* One of the lowest capital risk franchises available, because there is always a strong market demand for quality used cars.

* A business you can expand and double your margins if you have a willing partner or co-investor. 

…then look no further!

In the first quarter of 2022 over 1.7m used cars changed hands, with over 17% increase in January alone and the sector continues to grow. But most of us know that buying a used car can be a painful and traumatic experience. The Lemon Squeezy Car Club has changed all that. There’s no need to buy an expensive and depreciating asset. Cars are fully warranted, professionally prepared and maintained throughout the term of membership, taxed and MOT’d…. All paid for by a simple monthly membership subscription.

Why would you choose a Franchise where you have to work hard every day to make your money?  Controlling your future, means having time for you and your loved ones, as well as a successful profitable business. We have seen so many franchises where, let’s face it, you have to do ALL the work, especially in the automotive sector, and boy is it hard work. From car body smart repairers to mobile mechanics to car valeting and detailing they are all labour intensive hard hard work!!! The Lemon Squeezy Car Club can be run from your kitchen table at home, it really is that easy, as we out-source all the mechanical and maintenance to a third party, making your life easy peasy!

Maximise your earning potential by putting your money or asset finance to work. The key behind the success of the Lemon Squeezy Car Club is putting good quality low cost cars to work providing you with a low risk, subscription based recurring income. These cars depreciate really slowly if managed correctly and produce a healthy profitable income. The overall earnings potential for a club of only 35-40 cars is over £50,000 pa and this can be doubled to over £100k if there are two parties.

Working from home has become the norm for many over the last couple of years. But where you work from is entirely up to you. We have proven that once your Lemon Squeezy Car Club is fully subscribed, it opens fantastic doors to free time to spend away from work or even getting involved in other entrepreneurial things… Our business runs today on 15-20 hours a week from a mobile phone and a lap-top. It really is that easy peasy.

Don’t be fooled by business risk… Just Google this question…. “What is the failure rate for new franchisees?” The simple answer is the same as it is if you were starting most new businesses. Around 50% of franchisees will fail, and that can be for a multitude of reasons….

For many new franchisees, the start-up and set up costs are considerable, equipment, stock and high entry level costs all of which are commonly lost if you fail as a franchisee…. So why is the Lemon Squeezy Car Club franchise any different?

Firstly your primary investment into the business is used vehicles and very simply they have a very clear market value outside of any franchise set-up and should anything go wrong you will still have these primary assets that are worth probably very close to what you purchased them for. Our franchise is also incredibly easy to run and is not super labour intensive, which is one reason many franchisees fail, the work load is simply too much for the reward..

With the right support and backup, We have brought in the very best Franchise consultants to help purchase the right franchise for you. Once you are part of the Lemon Squeezy Car Club family we will help you set up and run your local Lemon Squeezy Car Club using all the incredibly valuable lessons we have learnt over the last three years. With over 15 years of car buying experience we will also help you to purchase the right cars for the right price and guide you every step of the way learning how to develop and run your Club.

Once you have your Lemon Squeezy Car Club running nice and smoothly, which will take a year or two, you may then want to look at expanding it, which we can advise upon or become involved in the growth of the club nationally by becoming an ambassador of sales to help grow new Club’s across the country and participate in the rewards of building our national network.

The Lemon Squeezy Car Club is opening up the opportunity to franchisees to help build a successful nationally recognised brand.

As an early adopter franchisee, you’ll be working with the founders of Lemon Squeezy. Providing your customers/members with a fully maintained used car service, plus providing feedback to Lemon Squeezy on growing and developing the franchise model in your area.  As part of the franchise you will learn everything there is to know about acquiring your vehicles, funding, growing and managing your membership club to the same high standards as the founders.

The Lemon Squeezy Car Club has set its sights on being available to ‘nice local people’ all over the UK and expects the very same from its Franchisees, in having the same goals, providing the same fantastic service and great value cars to delighted members.

To support your success, The Lemon Squeezy Car Club franchise package includes:

* 5 year agreement, with an option to extend for a further 5 years
* Exclusive territory
* Start-up training and ongoing support to get your club fully subscribed within 2 years
* Branded Website
* Facebook & Social Media set-up and training
* Pre-launch marketing campaign
* Marketing materials
* Social media support
* Full admin support

Investing in a franchise with The Lemon Squeezy Car Club costs £15,000 for a 5 year agreement. But for a very limited number the cost to those early adopters is only £10,000 the monthly management charge is £100 per month indexed annually in line with inflation.

More about Lemon Squeezy Car Club

The Lemon Squeezy Car Club started in Bournemouth Dorset in 2019 during the pandemic, and was an immediate success. Offering a simple no-nonsense way of driving a low cost car paid for by monthly subscriptions, it turned out to be just what people are looking for.

The Lemon Squeezy Car Club is now poised to spread across the UK opening local clubs owned and run by people just like you. Making from £50000 to well over £100,000 per year with your own Easy Peasy-part-time local business.

How does it work? “By suppling really nice low-cost cars to really nice local people” members join the club and simply ‘Subscribe and Drive’ our membership terms are 3 – 12 months or more, from around £150pm to £250pm. With no credit search or finance involved for the member and no FCA requirement for the franchisee it is a very easy ‘small’ business to grow and manage.

Lemon Squeezy Car Club members are nice local people, who drive our really nice low cost cars, paid for by monthly subscriptions. (It’s simply the way things are going!)
Just like our club members, our Franchise owners are really nice genuine people too.

Our local clubs work like leasing or long term hire, but with much more flexibility and with great local service. With only around 40 members per club, the business can be run part-time from home on around 20 hours a week. Your assets will be making you money month in month out with very little risk and plenty of time to do the things you want to do.



It’s amazing I got my car this afternoon.

Jeff was absolutely brilliant right from the start even recommended an insurance company that just made the whole process so much easier. If you are looking to lease a car then look no further than lemon squeezy cars . Affordable monthly payments great customer care and an absolute joy to deal with and I love the car

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💯 recommend these guys

Superb service, friendly really helpful with everything nothing is to much trouble and really easy and straight forward. love the car I had delivered today, would 💯 recommend these guys to anyone

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