We are franchising specialists when it comes to data protection.

Our clients are franchisors and their franchisees and we work closely with both to ensure that they are meeting their legal requirements.

By and large franchisors tend to get to a certain level with their own data protection and, as the legal responsibility for data protection lies with the franchisee, the franchisor will tend to leave them to sort out their own.

Franchisees are normally very busy growing their business and they often think that the responsibility for data protection lies with the franchisor.

For the ones that do realise it is their responsibility, they often need some help as to what needs to be done. Put simply – a privacy policy simply doesn’t cut it!

As an ethical and responsible franchisor, we take compliance with laws and regulations very seriously and this includes data protection. We were keen to find a system which would make it easier for our network to track their own compliance with GDPR and for us to audit our network’s compliance.

GDPR Systems does just that. Simple to use, tailored to us and our needs and they have been fantastic from day 1 in setting the system up and now rolling this out to our network. With 220+ offices rolling out any new platform is not easy. Our franchisees are working directly with GDPR Systems to configure their environments and report that they are finding the one-to-one training very helpful as it is increasing their GDPR knowledge. Since we started the roll out 8 months ago, 138+ offices are now live on the system, one of our franchise owners commented: ‘…this is brilliant and simple’.

Natalia Shvarts & Sharon Jones, Legal & Privacy Compliance, Home Instead

Why GDPR Systems?

I am sure like most Franchisors and Master Franchisees we are very aware of the importance of GDPR Compliance. We are also aware of the complexity of being compliant and the effect none compliance could have on our clients, franchisees and therefore our brand.

Finding a simple and easy to use system that didn’t require us to spend £1000s on processes and meant we, and our franchisees, were able to focus on the mainstay of our business rather than wads and wads of paperwork was vital. GDPR Systems’ solution was perfect, easy to implement, easy to use and simple to track events needing to be done meant contracting with their solution was obvious.

If you, like me, want to ensure GDPR compliance but have no idea where to look then contact Simon he’ll explain GDPR in an easy to understand way that is applicable to your business and show you how to implement it into your business.

Yes I know there’s loads of things to do in business but GDPR Systems take care of this important part of your business for you.

Best regards

Mark Holland (CEO Bodystreet UK and Eire)

Mark Holland, CEO, Bodystreet Uk & Eire

We’ve been working with GDPR Systems for the last year. It’s been a great experience so far. Our franchisees are getting to grips with the system and now have a far better understanding of their responsibilities under the GDPR provisions. Their advice for procedures and processes we need to have in place as a business has been invaluable. I would definitely recommend GDPR Systems to any franchisor wanting to ensure franchisees comply with their legal responsibilities in this area.

Joanne Burton, Founder & CEO, Tutortoo,
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