Various franchise opportunities for people from all walks of life

Realising that everyone has different financial resources and personal goals , Fantastic Services will work with you to discover ways to get you started with your own business.

Apart from the extensive portfolio of services you can choose from, the company boasts a flexible franchise model that offers various franchise packages to suit people from all walks of life.

Area Development Franchise

Do you want to manage your own business, sub-franchise it, and grow steadily?

You can do that by bringing the Fantastic brand to a new location and become an Area development franchisee. You will exclusively represent the company in a large undeveloped geographical location in the UK (county or city) and develop the brand by recruiting and managing your franchise units.

Having a business mindset and experience in a managerial role is a great advantage! We’ll provide you with additional training and personal coaching sessions with an expert. We also offer exceptional marketing, local search engine optimisation and professional customer care service support.

Area Development franchise initial fee: from £15,000

Master Franchise

Are you a big-thinker? Get exclusive rights for a whole new country!

By investing in the right to represent Fantastic Services in a whole new country exclusively, you’ll be undertaking more of a managerial role. You’ll be responsible for the business in the entire country, sub-franchising to Area Developers and Working franchisees, and independently managing several franchise units. You’ll apply Fantastic Services’ proven, profitable and pain-free business model and develop services by following the brand’s standards, procedures and practices. Business management experience and skills are a must. You will still have access to all the brand’s tools and technological solutions to establish and run your business.

Master franchise initial fee: from £100,000

Working Franchise

Tighter budget but wide experience in the services industry? We’ve got you!

If you want to work on-site or manage several local units without being exclusive in a particular area, then this opportunity is the right one for you! Based on your skills, experience and equipment, you will build your team(s) and ensure that your service delivery aligns with the brand’s quality standard. We’ll provide you with advanced training and additional qualification/certification, if necessary.

Working franchise initial fee: from £1,500

Run an innovative business with unlimited growth potential

Fantastic Services is the most technologically-advanced franchisor in the UK home-services market. With a custom-built customer relationship management system (CRM) and two easy-to-use apps that automate all sorts of processes,the company helps franchisees run their businesses smoothly and efficiently.

With many cost- and time-saving capabilities for optimised service provision, the system ensures minimum hassle. Among many functionalities, the software can analyse any given job that has been booked by a customer and automatically fit it into the schedule of a technician based on their qualification, set of skills, professional equipment, location and even their job proximity to the client’s property.

Powerful marketing, sales and business support will let you focus on exceptional service and business development.

Fantastic Services’ in-house team of 500+ strategic thinkers, creative minds and innovative creators handle all the online and offline marketing to generate leads and convert them into customers. This way you can focus your efforts on managing your business and providing an excellent customer service that meets the Fantastic quality standards.

  • Be part of a proven, profitable and pain-free partnership!
  • Swift onboarding process – start quickly and get your business running in just two weeks.
  • Large customer base – over 50,000 customers per month.
  • Advanced technology solutions – a unique CRM system and mobile apps that cut costs by allocating your workflow in real-time.
  • A recession-resistant model with increasing demand – established during a recession, we continue to grow even during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Full training and ongoing support – 500+ in-house experts, working tirelessly to support you during the whole journey.
  • No previous experience in the field required – we can give you our 12 years of expertise and teach you everything you need to grow your domestic services business.

Interested in joining one of the fastest-growing franchises in the UK? Just fill in the enquiry form below, and the Fantastic Service’s franchise team will get in touch for an initial call, answer any questions you’ve got and talk about the future of your new venture.


“There’s a level of trust and understanding, and that’s what were always looking for. We know that no matter what happens in the future, we’re always going to be supported.”

Julian Fernando, Area Development Franchisee, Fantastic Services
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