Why not to take the leap in 2022 to set up your business

Turning your passion into a business is an exciting step and many people dream of leaving their job of 9-5 to proceed with their ambition of starting a business that they call their own. However, this can also be daunting with how and what they need to do. There are many points that need considering when taking the leap.

Earning money from your passion whether it’s a second income or you have taken it onboard on a full-time basis, there is nothing more exciting than sharing your interest with others that enjoy your work as much as you do.

Spending your time on a business that you enjoy and have the motivation to succeed along with speaking to people that love your idea and passion is fantastic momentum to achieve your goals. With spending most of our time these days working, then why not take the next step and spend that time on what you care about and enjoy.

With working from home being the norm for the last 2 years, many businesses are set to continue with this set up and find it more productive. The choice of starting your business with the self-determination, inventiveness, and the freedom of working from home in an environment that allows you to have the flexibility to have a work-life balance is incredibly important.

Can your business work and be profitable? Having a great idea, passion, the motivation to fulfil your dreams, a business is only business if it makes money.  With the pressure of running a business and turning your interest into an income to succeed. Will the idea get to much and the love and enjoyment plummets? A business plan can be a great to put in place to help you can set up and forecast and problems on the way. A business plan can also address all the other jobs of running a business such as marketing, admin, taxes, invoicing and other daily tasks, these additional jobs/tasks can be overwhelming to start with and to new business owners.

It is often said that having a business based on your passion provides satisfaction and contentment. So why not take the leap and make 2022 the year to ditch the 9-5 job and commute that you dread and get your business set up.

This post was written by Katie Bateman, Head of community engagement at FranchiseShow247.