There are many advantages to be had when enlisting the help of a home tutor for your child. Here, School is Easy will go through the best parts in their latest blog.

1. The personal touch

There are so many students out there who could reach their full potential, if they only had a bit of extra teaching time.

This is not a knock on classroom learning, which is and will continue to be invaluable, but also can be more generalised, due to the amount of people being taught at once.

Schools are busy places, where the ratio of children to teachers will always be disproportionate. On occasion, personalised learning can get lost in the shuffle.

Home tutoring remedies this issue, through completely one-to-one input between the tutor and their students. This often generates the best results.

Knowing your strengths and how best to develop, by taking direction from a learning professional, can make all of the difference.

2. Being at one with your surroundings

The more comfortable a child is, the chances are the better they will perform academically. Homework is an important aspect of this.

Such preparation can sharpen subject knowledge, in many areas, and is meant to supplement school studies. This is where home tuition can thrive.

Tutors can teach in-home, online or anywhere else where the student can feel relaxed, such as a coffee shop or cafe.

With useful technology now more commonplace, they can work together on smartphones and tablets, in addition to the traditional learning materials.

School is Easy have gone further ahead of the game with the launch of our app, which provides on-demand online assistance, around the clock. Learn more about it below.

3. Go at your own pace. 

Information given at a rapid pace presents the danger of flying straight over your head. It can and does happen to the best of us.

School is Easy tutors know that children are not robots. They learn at different paces and have unique needs. The more personalised their experience, the quicker they will grow.

Patience is, indeed, a virtue and has its own rewards, down the line, from a teaching perspective. The satisfaction of watching a child grow means a job well done.

It’s so important to strike that balance between managing time effectively, without rushing to the point where the facts become forgotten.

Being a good tutor means you’re a people person, who gets on with students and their families alike. It’s an essential part of our business.

4. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. 

The process that School is Easy tutors follow is always tailored to the student, who we take the time to get to know beforehand.

This begins with our initial consultation, where we meet with the parent-guardian to gain a better understanding of the child’s challenges.

You can only really map out the right way to proceed by knowing the people involved and how best you can help them.

Learning plans are valuable tools for a tutor, as they allow for educational goals to be set, which brings with it a sense of achievement when each target is surpassed.

5. Having the right tutor for the job. 

Personal relationships are an important part of the School is Easy way, as we appreciate how crucial the dynamics of the tutor-student bond are.

We believe in all of our tutors, as we only work with solid individuals who have a deep understanding of their subject matter. We leave nothing to chance.

Our dedicated area directors put every tutoring candidate through an extensive screening and background check, a face-to-face interview and an expertise assessment.

But that’s not where the direction ends. Management will have met the students and families first, so can make an informed decision on whether the tutor is a good fit for them.

Our ethos is that success comes from professionalism and commitment. We make sure that all team members are coordinated and working together.


This post was written by School is Easy. They are an exhibitor on the FranchiseShow247 Education & Learning floor. You can visit their FranchiseShow247 exhibition stand here.