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Mum’s home-based travel agency business takes off in just six months

“I cannot believe I’ve got this business, it’s working financially, it’s flexible and I enjoy it as well!”

Alison Hunter-Gray, a mum of three girls who lives in the Shetland Islands, off the north-east coast of Scotland, had often joked that she’d like to be a travel agent but didn’t think it would be possible. But when her youngest child started school she began researching if she could make her dream come true.

But just six months after investing in The Travel Franchise, she can’t believe how busy she is and how her new career has “slotted into life”.

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Shared on: 21/11/2023

Interview: Radfield Home Care Operations Director, Neil McPherson on BFA Established status

After seven years of franchise network growth; supporting new business owners to establish  their own care businesses, Radfield Home Care has achieved the coveted member status of “Established” with the British Franchise Association (BFA).

The BFA is the voice of ethical franchising in the UK and accredits its members to ensure they follow the Franchising Code of Ethics. Along with accreditation, each BFA member is also assigned a level, indicating how well-developed the business is. The highest of these levels, awarded to only the biggest names in UK franchising is BFA Established; now held by Radfield Home Care.

BFA Chair and Right at Home UK founder, Ken Deary presented the BFA Established accreditation to Radfield Home Care co-founders Alex Green and Dr Hannah MacKechnie. Ken graciously commented: “Congratulations for taking the long-term and quality approach”.

Read the full interview here.

Shared on: 10/11/2023

Encouraging Women into Franchising - Vas Jesani

Vas Jesani, a franchise with The Travel Franchise is enjoying a roaring trade in a specific market, selling holidays to her local community and specialising in vegan tourism.

Individuals on a vegan diet can often find planning holidays abroad challenging, especially when it comes to eating out, as not all destinations cater for plant-based diets.

Vas and her husband Hari have found that their travel expertise is highly valued and popular in their local South Asian community. As a result, bookings are soaring.

Vas said: “I loved organising holiday packages for my friends and family and friends and so naturally, I turned it into a business.

Vegan travel is growing ever-popular. Tourist destinations are getting more and more inclusive. Only a few years ago, you would struggle to find vegan food. Let alone vegan, you wouldn’t be able to find restaurants that would cater to your vegetarian food needs. But now, every major city has expanded to include vegan and vegetarian options.

As someone from a vegetarian background who has travelled extensively, I can prevent problems arising for my customers  and can provide them with the knowledge and confidence that they are going to have a stress-free holiday. “

The Travel Franchise is  supporting the work of industry organisation Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF) by sharing a series of stories from a number of women to show how its possible to build highly successful full- and part-time businesses around other jobs or busy family lives. 


EWIF is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, providing advice and guidance to women looking for a route into the franchise industry. Its aim is to encourage women to consider buying a franchise, to encourage businesswomen to franchise their existing operations and to help franchisors attract more women to their networks.


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Shared on: 27/10/2023

Encouraging Women into Franchising - Gaynor Speakman

Cruise addict” turns addiction into multi million pound business

“Cruise addict” travel consultant, Gaynor Speakman, 58 has turned her addiction to cruising into a multimillion pound business. She is so passionate about cruising that she even got an anchor tattoo while onboard her latest cruise.

Gaynor, who invested in her franchise with The Travel Franchise five years, says she loves cruising so much that she not only sells hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of trips each month, but even rewarded herself with a cruise tattoo onboard a cruise trip with the company, on Valiant Lady’s onboard tattoo studio.

Gaynor says: “When you start out and you’re new to travel, especially if you leave a high-profile corporate job, it’s a massive leap of faith. I’m grateful for where I am but I know I’m capable of so much more.”


Over the past five years, Gaynor has developed her cruise business by going the extra mile for her customers. Earlier this year Gaynor arranged her first assistance dog for a customer with a brain haemorrhage. A vital member of the family, Betsy the cockapoo reminds her owner of when to take his tablets and ensures he walks safely. Gaynor acted as the liaison between Princess Cruises and her client so they could enjoy a Sky Princess mini cruise to Rotterdam and Zeebrugge. Gaynor dealt with the booking procedure, and ensured the client had completed the right dog health checks and certification to travel. To ensure everything went smoothly for her client, Gaynor and Martin, her husband and business partner, booked themselves on the same cruise.

Gaynor Speakman was 52 when she was made redundant at her job. Looking back though, her six-hour daily commute was grinding her down and her work-life balance was sorely tipped in the direction of work.

As a “cruise addict”, having been on 60 cruises so far, she knew her next step in later life would be – training as a travel consultant. Gaynor put her passion and inside-knowledge of the travel industry into good use.

And so, in 2018 the busy mum of two bought a franchise with The Travel Franchise which provided her with all the training, website, marketing collateral and booking systems to become a fully qualified travel agent in later life.

Gaynor loves researching destinations, crafting incredible trips and digging around for great offers. Some are so good she can’t resist booking them for herself.

Gaynor Speakman said: “I have booked one client on an amazing holiday going to South Africa travelling on Rovos Rail. It looked so good I’ve quoted myself for the exact same holiday for me next year!”

The Travel Franchise is  supporting the work of industry organisation Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF) by sharing a series of stories from a number of women to show how its possible to build highly successful full- and part-time businesses around other jobs or busy family lives. 


EWIF is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, providing advice and guidance to women looking for a route into the franchise industry. Its aim is to encourage women to consider buying a franchise, to encourage businesswomen to franchise their existing operations and to help franchisors attract more women to their networks.

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Shared on: 27/10/2023

Encouraging Women into Franchising - Ami Wood

As part of The Travel Franchise’s series to support the work of Encouraging Women into Franchising, the Uk’s fastest-growing travel franchise tells the story of successful women building businesses on their own terms.

Staffordshire mum-of-two Ami Wood made herself a New Year’s Resolution that she was going to start a side hustle as a bit of a hobby, working one day a week.

That side hustle has turned into a full-time job and Ami has hit the £1.5million in sales mark. After five days of training as a home working travel agent with The Travel Franchise, Ami wasted no time in getting down to business, but was astonished by the results.

She made a staggering £51,000 of sales in her first week, including £17,000 worth of bookings in just one day.

Ami came across The Travel Franchise website while researching home working opportunities. She was tempted by its promise to pay back initial set-up franchise for hitting sales targets within a set time. The Travel Franchise’ Unique Money Back Challenge focused her efforts and gave her something solid to work towards. Ami said: “Being honest, I was sceptical that the money-back challenge was achievable, but it’s incredibly motivating. I did it and won my franchise fee back, which means I started my business for free.”

It offers a choice of three start-up packages: the Lite Package which charges £2,995 plus VAT and £299 a month; its Elite Package charges £14,995 plus £99 a month; and its Entrepreneur Package charges £29,995 plus £99 per user.

“The team is very supportive and encouraging. I enjoyed the training process. You have 1-2-1 management to help guide you throughout. This job feels like a hobby.”

As part of the perks of being a travel consultant Ami has also gone on lots of free or discounted holidays including a ski trip to Colorado, a cruise on the world’s newest liner, a Virgin Voyage’s luxury cruise and a holiday to Turkey.

The work fits around working for her husband’s uPVC business, as well as family life, household jobs and overseas trips. “I’ve made bookings sat on my sun lounger in Jamaica, sipping a cocktail. Life doesn’t get better than that.”

Her advice for others considering a side hustle? “Just do it. Commit to it. If you have a passion and have been thinking about making the leap for a long time as I did, just go for it else you will never know. It might just be the best thing you ever did, which is what happened to me.”

The Travel Franchise is  supporting the work of industry organisation Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF) by sharing a series of stories from a number of women to show how its possible to build highly successful full- and part-time businesses around other jobs or busy family lives. 


EWIF is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, providing advice and guidance to women looking for a route into the franchise industry. Its aim is to encourage women to consider buying a franchise, to encourage businesswomen to franchise their existing operations and to help franchisors attract more women to their networks.


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Shared on: 27/10/2023

Welcome to UK FranchiseShow247!

Welcome to UK FranchiseShow247! To best reach the right target audience and for visitors to get the right information for them, FranchiseShow247 is now an umbrella for franchise exhibitions across the globe. Keep an eye out for future online exhibitions in different countries. If you want to find out more contact the team at

Shared on: 29/08/2023

We're proud to announce we're supporting HSBC UK #EF100 2024

We’re proud to announce we’re supporting HSBC UK #EF100 2024. @EliteFranchise’s annual list which showcases the very best entrepreneurial Britain has to offer and celebrates the most dynamic, innovative and successful franchises in the UK. To enter visit


Find out more here

Shared on 01/09/23

Jenna Wilson and Fay Smith, Little Dreams Consulting | New Woman Franchisor of the Year, 2023

We put our heart and soul into helping other women to follow in our footsteps.” 


New Woman Franchisor of the Year: Little Dreams Consulting

Turning your business into a franchise can be achieved, and brings about exciting expansion opportunities, as our winners, Jenna Wilson and Fay Smith of Little Dreams Consulting show! 


Little Dreams Consulting is a wonderful franchise which encourages women across the UK to not only be part of a business model which can help them achieve their career goals, but also helps families lead happier, healthier lives. They do this by addressing the most dreaded of parental difficulties: lack of sleep! 


As we’re sure you’re aware, babies and infants simply don’t follow the same sleep patterns we do, causing all manner of problems for parents. Poor sleep also affects the health and wellbeing of little ones, too. So, when things feel too much, Little Dreams Consulting can help. By offering clear, easy-to-follow plans to help children get the sleep they need, franchisees are empowered to change lives for the better. Not just for the families they work with – but their own, too. 


It’s no wonder then, that founders Jenna and Fay were singled out for this year’s New Woman Franchisor Award, at the annual NatWest EWiF Awards. This prestigious accolade recognises female leaders of new and upcoming franchises who are a real inspiration to the industry.  


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Shared on 01/09/23

Double whammy of British Franchise Award nominations for Home Instead

Anitra Camargo, owner of Home Instead Windsor, Runnymede and West Spelthorne; Suhail Rehman, owner of Home Instead Glasgow North and six other territories


Home care franchise Home Instead UK is delighted to see two of its franchisees named as finalists in the BFA HSBC British Franchise Awards, recognising their business acumen and contribution to the community.


Dubbed ‘the Oscars of the franchise industry’, the British Franchise Awards celebrates excellence in ethical franchising, recognising the successes shown by franchisors and franchisees.


Owner of Home Instead Glasgow North and six other territories, Suhail Rehman, is a finalist in the ‘HSBC Best in Class Multi Unit, Single Brand’ category. He makes a huge contribution to Home Instead’s franchise community, organising the ‘Scottish Home Instead Franchise conference’, bringing owners across Scotland together. It’s no surprise he is looked up to within the franchise community given his employee engagement initiatives, such as a ‘Care Professional Council’ which gives those on the frontline the chance to feed back their experiences to managers, ensuring satisfied employees and well-supported clients.


Suhail says: “Franchising is such a worthwhile route to go down for anyone keen to undergo a business venture. I’m so pleased that these awards exist; they can highlight those that have had success in franchising and inspire others to embark on this exciting journey.”


Owner of Home Instead Windsor, Runnymede and West Spelthorne, Anitra Camargo, is a finalist in the ‘community focus’ category. It credits her tireless work helping rebuild the community post-pandemic, facilitating 1,354 events since 2021 and raising much-needed funds for charities such as Dementia Carers Support Runnymede.


Anitra says: “It’s an honour to be a finalist for the BFA HSBC British Franchise Awards. I’m keen to use my position as a franchise owner as a force for good, and that’s why I’m so focused on building strong local partnerships. We don’t just aim to help our clients; it’s also about supporting families and making our community more accommodating for older people. It’s my pleasure to play a part in that.”


Pip Wilkins, Chief Executive of the BFA said: “We would like to offer our enormous congratulations to all this year’s finalists. We received a huge amount of entries, and it was wonderful to read of all the amazing work being done in the UK franchising sector. We applaud our finalists for their enthusiasm, dedication and tenacity and for continuing to uphold the highest standards of the association.”


For the full list of finalists at this year’s BFA HSBC British Franchise Awards, visit:


Winners will be announced at a gala black-tie event following the BFA’s annual conference on 9th November 2023.


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Shared on 09/08/23

Home Instead is most recommended home care franchise since records began


Home Instead UK is delighted to be announced as the most recommended home care franchise by, the UK’s top reviews website for the sector, since the awards were launched.


40 Home Instead UK franchise offices have appeared on’s latest top 20 regional lists, more than any other company, maintaining its record as having the most listings.


Not only that, Home Instead UK has also been listed on the website’s top 20 large and mid-sized home care groups for the fifth consecutive year, out of 762 home care groups in the UK.


Many refer to as ‘the TripAdvisor for care’ as it provides guidance for people looking for a local home care company. The top 20 regional lists are based on reviews given by clients and their families.


Amanda Hopkins, reviews manager of, said: “People are living longer with multiple health conditions and so home care providers which offer care tailored to people living in their own homes have become a key element in health and social care in Britain”.


She continued: “Home Instead has proved that it provides a high standard of care and we’d like to congratulate it on being a top home care group! It is a huge achievement to be named as one of the top 20 home care groups in the UK. Our reviews provide a crucial insight into the quality and kind of care given by providers and are a vital source of information for those looking for care at home.”


Martin Jones MBE, CEO of Home Instead UK & International, said: “When arranging care for a loved one, there’s nothing more important than knowing that they are being looked after by a compassionate, reliable and dedicated team. gives people this reassurance. The awards are given based on the views of those that matter most: clients and their loved ones. That’s why these awards are extra special”.


Martin continued: “To be awarded more than any other home care company is an absolute honour, and a clear indication of how hard our local teams work. It bears testament to our wonderful care professionals, their dedication and the difference they make each day.”


You can view the top 20 lists here.


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Shared on 04/08/23

Franchise team receive QFP Awards!


We are delighted to announce that Luke Spellman and Annabelle Mulholland from our franchise team have been awarded with their Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) awards from the BFA (British Franchise Association).


Following a visit to our National Office from James Sedgwick, Senior Support Manager at the BFA, Luke and Annabelle received their certification as formal recognition of professional knowledge and experience in franchising. Demonstrating their understanding of the complexities and best practice in franchising and how they have invested their time to continuously develop their understanding.


Luke commented: “The course is a fantastic opportunity to expand your understanding of the franchising sector, allowing you to meet others from the franchise world and build your knowledge outside of your specific role”.


Annabelle added: “We’re excited to put into practice all we have learnt as this will help benefit the franchisees who make up our network as well as putting us in a great position to advise those looking to come on board”.


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Shared on: 20/07/23

Home Instead CEO named in Homecare Power List


Our CEO UK & International, Martin Jones MBE, has been named as one of the 25 most influential leaders in homecare sector in the Voice of the Industry category.


The Power List 2023 recognises the people who are driving positive change in our sector, advocating for the role of homecare within the broader healthcare/social care ecosystem with a focus on innovation.


Martin, who was awarded an MBE in the 2023 New Years Honours List for services to older people, has been recognised for being a champion of social care and someone who is putting their knowledge and connections to use to drive change.


A range of non-executive and Trustee roles, including board trustee at Age UK, Chair of the Homecare Association and The Care Workers’ Charity and non-exec at TSA, the voice of technology enabled care, bear testament to Martin’s commitment and ongoing advocacy of matters care related.

Well done Martin!


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Shared on: 20/07/23

Double award win for Little Dreams Consulting


We are really excited to share the brilliant news that our clients Little Dreams Consulting have scooped a double award win in the last month!


News came in today, 13th June, that they had just won the “Pioneering Franchise of the Year Award” at the Disruptive Franchise Awards.


Last month they received the award for “New Woman Franchisor” at the EWiF (Encouraging Women into Franchising) Awards – an annual prestigious ceremony held at NatWest’s Bishopsgate event venue.


Find out more here


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Shared on: 16/06/23

Top accolade 'Ambassador of the Year' is awarded to Ruth Brown


Home Care franchise Home Instead, is delighted to announce that their COO Ruth Brown, has been named ‘Ambassador of the Year’ at the NatWest EWiF (Encouraging Women into Franchising) awards 2023.


This year these much-anticipated awards took place at the NatWest building in Central London with over 140 franchising professionals coming together to applaud the successes of women from a variety of franchise sectors.


Find out more here


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Shared on: 07/06/23

Home Instead’s Epping Forest franchise Celebrates a Decade of Dedication

Franchise Owner Victoria cuts the cake with Dame Eleanor Laing MP




Home Instead’s Epping Forest franchise is celebrating reaching a decade of providing tailored support to older people in the local area, helping them remain in their own homes, where they are happiest.


Victoria Rigby, franchise owner of the award-winning home care company, has led the business to considerable success and popularity, creating a strong reputation for caring for older people across Epping Forest since its launch in 2013.


Ten years on and Home Instead Epping Forest has supported 951 clients, providing 70,000 hours of care in the last year alone and achieved an ‘Outstanding’ rating by the Care Quality Commission, the highest award possible.


The company’s services are tailored to the individual needs of each client and range from companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping, personal care, dementia care and live in care.


The caring company also has the community at heart and runs monthly events including a Memory Lane Café afternoon and a Singing for the Brain morning. They are soon to be expanding their community spirit by adding a DanceSing afternoon which will involve a combination of chair-based dance movements and singing.


Home Instead celebrated their success and longevity with an afternoon reception for staff, clients and their families plus individuals from the community. Dame Eleanor Laing MP made a very fitting return to cut the cake, having cut the ribbon ten years earlier to celebrate the opening of the business.


Victoria commented: “I’d like to thank all the guests for attending and of course, our fantastic care professionals and staff, who continue to provide phenomenal support to all of our clients. It was one of my proudest moments seeing everyone celebrate what we have achieved over the last ten years.”


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Shared on: 11/05/23

Home Instead’s annual conference celebrates their network’s passion for care

Leading home care franchise, Home Instead was delighted to once again bring together its national franchise network to celebrate their passion for care at their annual conference.


Held in March, the conference saw franchise owners from across the UK along with their teams, get together again at the stunning Manchester Central Convention Centre.


Held over two days, this was a packed event culminating in a gala awards evening celebrating the success of the business and its people. There were workshops, presentations, training and keynote speakers, everyone was able to learn & develop, share best practice, engage and meet their peers.


The conference was a great opportunity to also share their vision for the future, whilst being able to celebrate the amazing achievements of the Home Instead network. At the conference, Martin Jones MBE, CEO UK & International at Home Instead said: “It’s only when you look back that we can see how far we have come.”



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Shared on: 03/04/23

Home Instead Launches in Lowestoft and Lincoln! Two new Home Instead offices



Two new Home Instead offices have been set up in Lowestoft and Lincoln to help families in the local communities feel assured that their loved ones are in safe hands.


Munish Bhardwaj, owner of Home Instead Lowestoft, has spent many years in various senior roles in the maritime industry, travelling across the world. During the pandemic he started thinking about what he really wanted to do and caring for others was always at the forefront of his mind.


Home Instead Lowestoft will support older adults through a range of care services, including home help, companionship and personal care such as help with dressing and washing.


Nick Moran has launched a new home care company in Lincoln, inspired by his personal experience trying to find care for his mother, as he looks to help other families who find themselves in a similar situation needing support with a loved one.


Nick is keen to get people talking to their ageing parents, so they can understand the options available to them, before they find themselves in a crisis situation, not knowing where to turn for support.


Read the full article here


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Shared on: 23/03/23

Home Instead - Successful Sisters Encourage Other Women Into Franchising


Sisters, Melissa Holliday and Sophie Mellor are celebrating a decade in business together, as franchise owners of award-winning home care company, Home Instead Lytham, Fylde and Wyre.


Having recently purchased their second Home Instead franchise in Preston and South Ribble, the sisters are keen to encourage other women to also consider franchising as a career option.


Starting their Home Instead franchise in their mid-twenties, following completion of their university degrees and a few years in the financial services, the sisters discovered Home Instead after struggling to find good quality care for their grandfather who had dementia.


After being blown away by the Home Instead ethos and all of the care professionals they came into contact with, they were keen to bring the same level of care to their local community.


Read the full article here


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Shared on: 08/03/23

Ashtons Franchise Consulting Recruit Industry Heavyweight Karl Sandall, FCIB QFP AIA (Hon)


Ashtons Franchise Consulting is delighted to announce the arrival to the team of Karl Sandall, FCIB QFP AIA (Hon)

Until recently Karl was the Group Chief Executive of the TaxAssist Direct Group – a highly successful and well-respected UK and international franchisor trading as TaxAssist Accountants in the UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada and as Tax Assist Advisers in the USA. With consistent 5-star WorkBuzz UK franchisee satisfaction ratings, TaxAssist are the only franchisor in the UK, possibly globally, to be majority owned by its franchisees following a groundbreaking franchisee assisted management buyout deal led by Karl in 2014 and again in 2021.


Karl has developed unique insights into what makes a successful franchise, emanating from a highly successful career in growing TaxAssist and shaping it to become one of the UK’s pre-eminent franchise brands, setting the groundwork for global recognition.


Read the full article here


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Shared on: 03/03/2023

YouCanCare Week - an annual official awareness week by Home Instead


Today marks the start of YouCanCare Week, an annual official awareness week created by Home Instead, it shines the light on all the wonderful people working in the care sector and encourages others to consider a caring career.


It’s a focus for everyone in care, a time when the sector comes together to celebrate the huge difference made to so many people and the fabulous opportunities which are available.


This year we’re keen to highlight the Care Career Pathway that we offer at Home Instead. Often people view care simply as a job and underestimate the training opportunities and career journey that it opens up. We’re proud to see our Care Professionals go from strength to strength by undergoing our training and building on their experience to offer the highest quality care.


Our franchise owners play an important role in providing support for Care Professionals by offering a Care Career Pathway that supports their natural desire to care with professional skills, helping them to build a diverse set of skills to care for people with varying needs.


Whatever stage they are at in their careers, our Care Professionals are able to boost their skills with further training opportunities. After initial training, Care Professionals can undergo City & Guilds dementia, end of life training, as well as Parkinson’s and healthcare training, enabling them to deliver more specialist care to clients with complex needs.


YouCanCare Week focuses on Care Professionals who do a fantastic job, as well as encouraging others to enter the sector and start making a difference to the lives of so many people.


Laura is a Care Professional at Home Instead South Lakes, where she has embraced the opportunities that the Care Career Pathway offers. Read more about Laura’s story in this Daily Mirror article.


If you’re marking the week on social media, don’t forget to add the hashtag! #YouCanCare


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Shared on: 27/02//2023

Lorraine Kelly proud to award Home Instead's Care Professional of the Year

Home Instead Lorraine Kelly Awards


At their recent ‘Care Professional of the Year’ event, home care franchise company, Home Instead paid tribute to three members of the Home Instead family who are particularly remarkable, with one of the three, Tracey Bird being announced as ‘Care Professional of the Year’ by TV favourite Lorraine Kelly.


Martin Jones, Home Instead CEO UK and International, says: “All of our care professionals are incredible; it takes an immeasurable amount of compassion to provide our clients with the support they need to stay living at home. I’m always delighted that once again our Care Professional of the Year event has shone the light on the wonderful stories that demonstrate Home Instead’s commitment and passion to care. I can’t thank all our care professionals enough.


Read the full article here


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Shared on: 13/02/2023

Radfield Home Care shortlisted for 8 awards; Home Care Awards 2023

Radfield Home Care has been announced as a finalist for eight awards at the 2023 Home Care Awards. Three local offices and the national office for the private home care brand have been named on the list of finalists. Each of the four offices has been named as a finalist in two categories for the Home Care Awards. 


Read the full article here


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Shared on: 02/02/2023

Home Instead Charities secures new grant

Home care franchise company, Home Instead has announced their charity, Home Instead Charities, has been awarded a £43,750 grant by the Access Foundation to open 6 new companionship cafés located in York, Southampton, Lewes, Dudley, Doncaster and East Herts in early 2023 with more to follow later in the year.


Read the full article here


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Shared on: 31/01/2023

New for FranchiseShow247, the Community News Page!

The Community News page is a great place for you to share your news with the FranchiseShow247 community. Is your content too product specific to share on the blog? Not right to go on your Virtual Space as it’s just a small update? Well, this is the place for your business news to go!




Shared on: 17/01/2023