Thinking about franchising but not sure whether it’s right for you?  The most successful franchisees share these 5 characteristics:

Ability to follow instructions

The foundation of the franchise model is that all franchisees follow the same system, offering the same products and services in their respective territories.  You will be obliged to follow the instructions given by the franchisor – usually comprised in the franchise manual which is a comprehensive document telling you how to run the business.

If you’re a natural innovator, consider whether you will be able to follow the franchisor’s instructions to the letter for the duration of your franchise term.  If not, then franchising may not be right for you.

Adaptable to change

The franchisor will be constantly innovating to update the franchise business in order to keep ahead of competitors.  As a result, they will from time to time notify you of changes that they want to make to the business – and which you will be obliged to implement.  These can range from adding additional products or services, to re-branding, to bringing in new computer systems.

Successful franchisees will embrace these changes and improvements, and work with the franchisor to help the business grow and diversify.


As a franchisee you are running your own business – you are not buying a job.  Whilst your franchisor will give you some support, it will be your responsibility to make the business succeed.  You will need to manage your staff, market your business and ensure that excellent service is delivered.  You should be ambitious about growing your business – in addition to improving turnover and profit, if you are successful the franchisor may allow you to purchase additional territories.

Similar qualities to franchisor

The most successful franchisees will have many qualities in common with the franchisor – after all, the franchisor developed the business model, and if you share a passion for a particular sector you are more likely to make a success of it.  Make sure that you meet with the franchisor before buying the franchise and get a feel for what makes them successful in their business.  If you have a similar skill set, it’s a good indication that you will make a success of the franchise.


Whilst you have the guidance and support of your franchisor, your business is yours to run and you should plan ahead both in terms of a business plan and your exit strategy.  The financial side of any business can be the most daunting for anyone new to business, so make sure that you acknowledge your personal strengths and weaknesses and take appropriate professional advice and support where required.  Having a grip on your business plan and exit strategy will help you run your business – and will also be beneficial when you are looking for funding, or a potential buyer.

This post was written by Darwin Gray. They are an exhibitor on the FranchiseShow247 Business & Professional services floor. You can visit their FranchiseShow247 exhibition stand here.